Bulk Transportation Services

We are the premier provider of bulk trucking services in North America.

Founded in 1945, J.W. McCaig was the first of three generations to preside over the organization. Trimac has stood the test of time, successfully navigating through the rise and fall of economic cycles. Our mission is to create value for our shareholders by delivering value to our customers safely.

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Hauling chemicals requires specialized equipment, internal tank washing, product handling certification and a strong emphasis on safety.

Dry Bulk

Dry bulk products include a variety of raw and manufactured materials. Product diversity of this magnitude makes it critical to have a transportation provider with an extensive knowledge of these various products.

Food Products

Trimac has an exceptional track record of transporting edible products safely.

Industrial Gas and Pressurized Commodities

Transporting these products is highly specialized since it involves keeping a gas under pressure to maintain a liquefied state for transportation.

Oilfield Services

Trimac provides a full spectrum of specialized Oilfield Services that differentiates us from our competitors.


Trimac hauls a variety of bulk products from refineries to service stations, bulk agencies, manufacturing plants and other end users.

Resource Commodities

Given the diverse nature of the products transported, it is critical to have a skilled team that can design the most cost-effective transportation solution for our customers.

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